Revision Policy

At Assignment Choice, we run a team of fastidious researchers, writers, and editors who are extremely particular about the quality of every paper. Our team of adroit editors and proofreaders are a proof of our commitment to excellence in work.

Nonetheless, there are chances of differences in opinions, factual discrepancies, or technical mistakes which can cause dissatisfaction to our client. Therefore, we offer Unlimited Revisions to our clients that come at no cost.

Here is the outline of our revision policy:

Our revision policy is based on the feedback of the final authority which in this case represents the review committee. It is after going through the comments of the review committee and taking into their considerations that we revise the paper and tailor it according to the requirements of the client.

The request for revision should not contradict the basic requirements of the assignment, such as:

  • Change of topic
  • Change of citation style
  • Quantity of Pages

In any of the aforementioned cases, it will be at the sole discretion of our Customer Relationship (CRM) team to either approve or disapprove a request of revision. In the event that the CRM approves your request, it may or may not pose a fee for revision depending on your particular complaint.

In case of dissatisfaction, the client must make an official complaint in no more than 14 days. In that event, the company will provide FREE revisions to the client, given that the client has not changed the basic requirements of the order as mention in the clause (II).

If we receive the application for revision after the specified period of time, the client will pay a fee for every round of revision. The fee will be contingent upon the magnitude of changes.

Any revision will take up to a maximum of 5 days to be applied in its full effect.

Note: We held absolute rights to change or remove any or all of the aforementioned clauses at any time without any prior notice to the clients.