Refund Policy

At Assignment Choice, we are committed to providing students a seamless way to achieve excellence in their education. From offering them consultancy and mentoring to providing them model papers for research purpose, we put our heart and soul to deliver the most authentic and accurate information to students that fulfil the requirements of their paper.

However, the possibilities of an error cannot be ruled out and, therefore, we feel obliged to recompense our clients in the event of any discrepancies. Therefore, we are entitled to pay back to the clients under the below-mentioned conditions:

  • In case when a client has serious reservations with the final draft, the client must submit a refund request in no more than 3 days from the date of delivery
  • If the client fails to deliver the refund application within the specified time, the client will no longer hold the rights to qualify for a refund
  • In the case of late delivery, you’ll have to furnish us a proof that proves that you have contacted us at least 3 times.
  • If the client feels unsatisfied after earning the predefined set of revisions, the client will be authorised to submit a full report of the discrepancies to the company. We’ll then set any of the following procedures:


  • Recreate the entire dissertation from scratch and make sure its timely delivery


  • Pay back the money to client if we cannot find an appropriate team to do the job


  • It’ll be at our absolute discretion to serve a refund or not if the application is made against a minor irregularity or insignificant delay.
  • If Assignment Choice bills a client more than the actual amount, the company will be eligible to compensate the remaining outstanding amount.
  • If a client underperforms in his project and gets poor grades, the company will not be held responsible for the result.

Contact And Dispute Settlement

If a client has serious disagreements with the final work even after availing the complete set of revisions, the client will be entitled to settle the matter directly with the company prior to seeking any arbitration.

In the event when the client and the company cannot resolve the matter within 14 days, the client will have legal rights to take the course of arbitration.

If the client fails to comply with any of the aforementioned clauses, Assignment Choice will take appropriate steps against the violation of the contract.