Is It cheating?

It must be noted that we only provide academic consultancy services that only involve mentoring, research, drafting, and editing for a dissertation. Our final product is just a model paper that helps students in their research and analysis for the final year project.

However, we neither encourage students to submit this reference paper verbatim nor we allow students to use it for cheating in any capacity. Therefore, if any of our clients commits the aforementioned wrongdoings, it should be considered an individual act and should not be associated with the company.

How It Works?

We have a very fair procedure to write a paper. Let’s dig out the entire process:

As soon as a client places an order, we send it to our subject matter experts (SMEs) who analyze the viability of the project. Once they approve the order, we delegate the task to a team handpicked by our SMEs.

Afterward, our research panel compiles the notes by using the resources in our research department. Once the research team completes its procedure, the task is then forwarded to our writing team who converts the available information and hard data into writing form.

After the writing team finishes the paper, it is then passed on to the Quality Assurance (QA) department where the paper is closely scrutinised under the supervision of our skilful editors and proofreaders. Finally, the paper is sent to the plagiarism-detection section. It is after the approval of the head honcho of the plagiarism-detection team do we deliver the paper to the client.

In this entire process, we neither use any automated tools nor do we use any software except for the application we use for checking plagiarism. From start to finish, the paper is developed only by using the knowledge, skills, and experience of our competent team.

Over To You…

Now that you know the purpose of a model paper and the procedure for its production, we are sure that you should have no qualms about getting our professional help. If you have any questions regarding this matter, you can always contact our Customer Support Representatives and your concerns will be resolved.