Cancellation Policy

Assignment Choice is a professionally-driven organisation that never says ‘no’ to any order even if it requires strenuous work in a limited period of time. No matter how extensive the topic is or how short the deadline is, our hardworking and committed team always promises to deliver any order on time.

Nonetheless, there are times when processing a paper is beyond the capability of our team due to certain unforeseen factors. Therefore, we deem it necessary to inform our clients the circumstances that could lead to revocation of an order. Here they are:

  • When an unpredicted event causes stifling circumstances for our team to accomplish the paper in a timely manner
  • If our company fails to find the right creative team to finish your paper
  • If the client breaks any of the clauses mentioned in the ‘Terms & Conditions’

NOTE: In the events of clause (I) & (II), the company will pay the client a refund of their money.